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Best Of @JISC #Digifest15 live streamed virtually attended @Ghizzi_d

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A great couple of days, even though I couldn't attend in person, I could follow the keynotes and a few other live streamed sessions, with few if any frustrations or failures. In fact only one session failed to stream live for me and no idea why, as it popped up as it ended, annoyingly. Mediasite blip or user error?

That being said the event app worked well, in fact so well it caused confusion, as a JISC member asked if I'd mind being interviewed post a keynote session, not realising I was only attending virtually.

The Simon Nelson keynote (Day 1 am) was a lightly delivered speech, with a touch of humour, frankly discussing FutureLearn and the OU relationship, current positions, achievements and future plans.

The keynote that made the event for me though, was Carole Anne Groble (Day2 am) On enabling reproducible research. Not just the pdfs and spreadsheets of a research project, but all of the components bundled into an accessible and shareable package, the software, the scripts, the code etc). It was a passionate, funny and very stimulating speech, full of revelatory information, ideas and strategies long overdue in scientific research practice. I had no idea several British institutions are already investing in teams of software engineers to support research staff, in adapting their practices and developing the tools they need to do this successfully. We live in a world of ever more 'open research', issues with public perception of science and scientists and competition for funding globally. Improved quality assurance, standards and reproducibility in research publication is essential. I expect to see a massive shift in practice in the next few years, as institutions and individuals begin to address this huge scientific research 'blindspot'.

Live streamed debate (Day 1 pm) 'Are alternative technologies fit for purpose?' between Donna Lanclos and Dave White, a very passionate, entertaining and occasionally thought provoking debate, attended by a pretty big crowd, that grew visibly as word got around via the event app..... Who says techies aren't expressive!​

At the moment I can't see any of the live streamed content as recordings on the site, but when I do I will post the links in the comments.​